Our Vehicle

Our vehicle gets over 3,421mpg, or 1,454km/L which is 114 times more efficient than the typical car on the road today. For comparison, a Honda Civic can get around 30 miles per gallon. Our vehicle runs on unleaded 87 Shell Gasoline that you can get at any Shell gas station.

Vehicle Efficiency

Driving Strategy

Burn and coast method to take advantage of efficient vehicle coasting

Custom Designed Internal Combustion Engine 

Single Piston 45cc Engine (1 hp) running the Atkinson Cycle with dual spark plugs and a high compression ratio

Vehicle Low Rolling Resistance

Super low resistance tires with an ultra aerodynamic vehicle shape


Carbon fiber monocoque body, vehicle weighs only 37 kg

Our Results

2018 - 2nd Place (1912.7 mpg)

2017 - 5th Place (1431.5 mpg)

2016 - 2nd Place (2364.1 mpg)

2015 - 1st Place (3421.2 mpg)

2014 - 2nd Place (2712.5 mpg)

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