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Our Vehicle

Our vehicle gets over 3,421mpg, or 1,454km/L which is 114 times more efficient than the typical car on the road today. For comparison, a Honda Civic can get around 30 miles per gallon. Our vehicle runs on unleaded 87 Shell Gasoline that you can get at any Shell gas station.

Vehicle Efficiency

Client 4

Driving Strategy

Burn and coast method to take advantage of efficient vehicle coasting

Client 7

Custom Designed Internal Combustion Engine 

Single Piston 45cc Engine (1 hp) running the Atkinson Cycle with dual spark plugs and a high compression ratio

Client 5

Vehicle Low Rolling Resistance

Super low resistance tires with an ultra aerodynamic vehicle shape

Client 3


Carbon fiber monocoque body, vehicle weighs only 37 kg

Our Results

2018 - 2nd Place (1912.7 mpg)

2017 - 5th Place (1431.5 mpg)

2016 - 2nd Place (2364.1 mpg)

2015 - 1st Place (3421.2 mpg)

2014 - 2nd Place (2712.5 mpg)

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